The Bruno Touschek Memorial Lectures

9 Dicembre 2009


Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati
The Bruno Touschek Memorial Lectures
will be held on December 9th in the main Auditorium (Aula Bruno Touschek).

Invited speakers:
Giorgio Salvini (La Sapienza Univ.): How it all started
Carlo Bernardini
(La Sapienza Univ.): AdA and other adventures with Touschek
Mario Greco
(Roma Tre Univ.): Bruno Touschek and the Bloch Nordsieck problem: resummation in QED/QCD
Claudio Pellegrini
(UCLA): Instruments of discovery: from Adone to the X-ray free-electron laser
Emilio Picasso
(CERN): From AdA to LEP
Nicola Cabibbo
(La Sapienza Univ.): Chiral Symmetry and Partice Physics

Info and Registration on the web page:

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