International School of Scientific Journalism and Communication

6 Luglio 2009a9 Luglio 2009

erice6-9 July 2009 Ettore Majorana Foundation and Center for Scientific Culture – Erice, Sicily, Italy

Since many years disseminating scientific culture is recognized to be an ever-growing necessity of modern society. At present there is a large amount of scientific information available to the general public. There is, however, a continuous need of a lively discussion, in an international framework, about quality, style, and efficiency of this communication.

The discussion is very well rooted already in some countries, but it is desirable to deepen it and extend it to more countries and areas.

First of all directed to young journalists, the School is aimed in general to those interested in communicating science to the public, such as young researchers. The goal is to introduce the main challenges of the field to a new generation of science communicators and scientists, encouraging them to develop new tools and strategies.

The School is based on lectures, working sessions and other activities, held on a given theme and other topics by international experts in the fields of science, journalism and communication. The central theme of the School in 2009 is energy. The aim is to provide on one hand the basic knowledge and future prospects for energy in the world and, on the other hand, the most advanced tools to communicate this topic to the larger public.


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